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9 Ways Partners Can Support Through Pregnancy 

So your wife or girlfriend is pregnant. Congratulations! Yes she is carrying the baby in her womb, but she still needs you along with other family and friends to support her over the next 40 weeks or so. So what does that support look like, which can vary depending on the trimester, complications, personalities, relationship dynamics, etc., but these are a few ways you can walk through her pregnancy with her.

1. Be present. It can be hard to understand that even before she starts showing or waddling, she's going through physical and emotional changes. Simply being there is worth more than you realize. From the day you find out

2. Be brave. The unknown can sometimes be scary, but somebody's got to be calm, why not you?

3. Listen. When she's describing the changes she's experiencing or relaying what her provider said, just simply listen. People are going to flood her with information and opinions, why not offer her a safe place to be heard.

4. Research. Do your own research as well so that you can bring something to the table when you all are developing your birth plan and desires for the first few years.

5. Be emotional. Let her see your emotions, excitement, joy about the new baby. It's contagious!

6. Physical touch. Whether it's a foot rub, massage, labor exercises, sex or simply a hug. Don't forsake the connection that comes from physical contact.

7. Pick up the slack. Whether it's cleaning, shopping, fixing things around the house, caring for the other kids, cooking or managing finances, take on some of the load when you notice she's tired, sick or overwhelmed. Take the initiative to ask family/ friends for help.

8. Don't Take It Personal. If she becomes a little irritable or more emotional, just know it's temporary. Don't get in your feelings, although they are valid. Confide in a trusted friend if you need to vent, especially one that's been through this before.

9. Put the crib together... and all the other baby things she wants done before the baby gets here. Even if you believe they can wait until the baby gets here, just get it done and keep the peace.

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