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Alabama Has the 6th Largest Poverty Population in America

As we get ready to embark upon another school year I can't help but to reflect on the opportunity I had to work with the Huntsville City Schools poverty simulation professional development last week. The simulation's objective was for the teachers and staff to have a more in-depth awareness of what likely 18-40% of their students, parents and families go through on a daily basis. On top of the stress that come with getting an education, families in poverty are also faced with "food insecurity, housing instability, homelessness, lack of reliable and affordable transportation, domestic violence,  the inability to afford basic necessities, unemployment and underemployment."  The teachers and community volunteers such as myself,  left with a better understanding of what the families endure,  what the children may be dealing with when they walk in the classroom and a collective desire to see a more comprehensive approach to government and community services.  This year I hope we are all more sensitive to the other students in the classroom and the parents that are raising them with limited resources. Instead of judging, I hope we reach out. Instead of just thanking God for his grace, I hope we choose to serve.  Being a doula is about serving expectant mothers, but being a human is about serving each other.  For more information on what Huntsville city school's is doing to combat the effects of homelessness and poverty in our schools, visit huntsvillecityschools.org #1stdayofschool #huntsvillecityschools #poverty #mckinneyvento #homeless #doula #hsvdoula

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