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Are Essential Oils Essential for Pregnancy?

It's been a while, but hey I've been living life, working, doualing, relationship building, mothering, well okay and netflixing too. I promise I'm going to do better. That being said, I wanted to share with you information on essential oils. I'm not a fanatic, but I've defintely seen a difference in my life. Some women swear by them for complete healing and they've been really beneficial to many women during their pregnancy and labor. I sat down over a delicious lunch with a local essential oil guru, wife and mother of three to discuss essential oils. So if you've ever wanted to know more about them or if you are looking for a distributor that cares, check out the interview below.

Doulasoul: Hi Pam, great restaurant pick. So tell us, what is the name of your company and what is your mission? Pam Dempsey: I am a health and wellness educator, working as an independent distributor with Young Living Essential Oils and certified yoga teacher. I desire to educate and empower others to live their best life.

Doulasoul: how did you get into essential oils? Pam Dempsey: At one point and time, it seemed like my family was going through a never ending cycle of sickness. I just had to take a moment to see what was really going on. II came to oils because I wanted a way to holistically care for and heal my family. I discovered the everyday products in our environment were toxic and making us sick. Essential oils replaced the toxins and help support our overall wellness.

Doulasoul: i agree we need to get back to basics and i myself am a fan of essential oils. What made you choose young living over other essential oil companies? Pam Dempsey: 2 reasons, longevity and transparency. Young living has been around for 25 years and they are completely transparent. I've been able to visit the farm and see the seed to seal process. It is amazing and reassuring. Doulasoul: So how did you go from using their products to selling them? When I started using essential oils in 2014, I was looking for freedom & empowerment. I wanted to be FREE from the chains of sickness and stress and worry and I wanted to feel EMPOWERED to help my family. Once I found that, my why grew. I wanted my friends, my family to feel this FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT in their health and wellness. As they began using oils and DID experience FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT, I started receiving the "thank you" checks from Young Living. It was then that I understood this to be my calling and purpose and that I could make a career out of it. That totally blew my mind. My idea of what freedom and empowerment is was annihilated. It was replaced with the idea that I could truly have FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM. The more I understood this, accepted this, and really let it sink into my bones, the more I am able create this vision for others. This is exciting ~ like life changing, knock your socks of exciting. What a ride this has been so far. I'm so ready to see where else God will take it. Because I mentioned the income potential, I must include the income disclosure: https://static.youngliving.com/en-US/PDFS/YL-2017-IDS.pdf

Doulasoul: What are some of your favorite essential oils you use to keep your family WELL? Pam Dempsey: We use immunity boosting oils such as Thieves and Oregano daily. We also use Lavender for sleep support and to control seasonal allergies.

Doulasoul: In this natural, back to basics movement, what other natural practices have you adopted for yourself and your family?

Pam Dempsey: We have made many great strides to reduce the use of technology.

Doulasoul: Although essential oils are typically safe are there any that should be avoided during pregnancy? Pam Dempsey: Essential oils can be a wonderful tool to support women before, during, and after pregnancy. Quality matters! First, ensure you're using organic, 100% pure essential oils. Unfortunately, the labeling requirements for essential oils are extremely lax. In the U.S., essential oils need only contain 5% organic material for it to be labeled "organic". Use a company you trust anytime you purchase essential oils. Second, avoid Sage, Idaho Tansy or Hyssop, Fennel, Wintergreen, and blends and supplements that contain these oils. Avoid topical application of Peppermint during the 3rd trimester. Finally, always discuss your use of any supplements and essential oils with your healthcare professional.

For more information on essential oils during your pregnancy visit https://www.youngliving.com/blog/pregnancy-and-essential-oils-a-guest-post-by-dr-lindsey-elmore/

To speak with Pam directly about essential oils, visit her site at http://www.calledtoflourish.com/pam-dempsey/?fbclid=IwAR30SBKQIjfP6L92sSIaIv8G8AsaJ6w4z7KAM2EFmzNjE36tw7oJcYmJh8E

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