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Balance and Positioning 

I recently took a course entitled Spinning Babies. It was held at Huntsville Hospital Women and Children. The 1 day course was attended by doulas, nurses, pelvic floor therapists, certified nurse midwives, midwives and even 1 obgyn. The course is designed to provide easier births with fetal positioning and reduce the risk of c-sections. I learned a lot about the importance of balance, the pelvic floor, positioning and most importantly had a chance to practice and see various skills like the 3 sisters technique, consisting of rebozo sifting, side lying release and the forward leaning inversion. I believe wholeheartedly that midwives have been using these techniques for centuries and now the science is here along with some perfecting techniques to increase positive birth outcomes for babies and moms. You can learn more about the course for parents and birth professionals on the spinning babies website, www.spinningbabies.com

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