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Birth in the time of Corona

No doubt, these are strange times. Whether it's the virus itself, financial devastation, the effects of isolation, trying to balance working from home with homeschooling or just routines being knocked off track, we've all been impacted. Soon to be moms may be anxious about how this unfolding situation will impact their pregnancy and delivery. I encourage you not to panic based on social media. Speak with your provider about your concerns, contact your birthing facility for the latest policy changes, and know that you always have options. This infographic created by fellow #MamaCircleHuntsville doula and owner of #SacredHavenBirth, gives great factual information on some common questions concerning birth and breastfeeding in the time of Corona. Stay safe moms and if you need some virtual reassurance, #doulasoul is available for support.

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With love!

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