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Choosing Childcare

Updated: May 23, 2019

Before your bundle of joy arrives, choosing a daycare could be one of the most daunting task you take on before your due date. All of a sudden fear takes over as you imagine leaving your precious baby with total strangers all day. You start looking at work from home opportunities and sadly realize they’re all scams. You try to sell excess clothes online, but realize you can’t live off of the $8 someone’s willing to give you for last season’s boots. If you're married or living with your partner, you start thinking this could work if they earn some overtime or get a 2nd job, but then you'd barely see them. Reality sits in and you google "daycares near me". The results are overwhelming and you don't know where to begin.

If you're lucky enough to work for a company that provides Onsite Daycare, explore it. It may cost more, but the convenience of having your little one near and being able to pop-up quickly and frequently may be worth it. Also don't forget about Family and Friends that may not be working. This may be a good option for the first year or so. Maybe you could split the shifts between relatives and friends that are already stay at home moms. You may have to pay them, but more often and not this is a very cost effective option. If your company doesn't offer childcare and trusted family and friends aren't near you still have many options:

1. Start gathering daycare recommendations from family and friends

2. Ask moms in the waiting room of your OBGYN/Midwife office

3. Visit local baby stores such as http://www.acorntreasures.com/

Acorn Treasures in Huntsville, AL and speak with the owner or customers

4. Talk to other pregnant women at childbirth education classes

5. Search local mom sites, such as rocketcitymom.com here in Huntsville

Once you have a decent size list, organize it based on availability, cost, security, distance, hours, and what they offer. Next you’ll want to inspect the places you’re interested in before committing. I recommend scheduling a visit first and if you like it, plan an impromptu visit so you can get a good, realistic feel of the place. I may be weird, but I didn't want a place that smelled like diapers. That was an easy way to scratch a lot of contenders off my list. Finally you should have a couple of options you’re confident about. However, don’t feel as if you’re locked into any arrangement. If after one week, one month or eight months in your feelings change, it’s okay to make a move. Don’t worry about being labeled "that mom". The main thing is to feel good about the people you choose to watch your child so that you can perform at a top level at work. The best thing to do is breathe, develop your plan and be flexible. You'll figure out how to balance work and motherhood in due time. So be diligent in your search and trust your growing motherly instincts. #HuntsvilleDoulas #AlabamaDoulas #DoulasofColor #Childcare #Daycare #HuntsvilleDaycares #HuntsvilleChildcare #NorthAlabamaDaycare #NorthAlabamaChildcare #RocketCityMom #RocketCityMothership

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