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Insurance Coverage for your Doula and Midwife

Having a baby can be expensive. Without insurance coverage, it can be a nightmare trying to have the birth you may desire. Though I don’t profess to have even a fraction of the answers, I recently came across a couple who were able to have their midwife’s expenses covered through a cost-sharing insurance program. I found out that there a quite a few Christian-based insurance cost sharing programs where individuals share the cost of health care across its members. Most of them have stringent rules and requirements when it comes to your faith walk, but if you qualify and the monthly premiums fit your budget, it’s definitely worth looking into since they typically cover doulas, midwives and other maternity care that most traditional insurance companies don’t.

Another option is to look into a Health or Flex Savings Account. Most will cover doulas if it is considered itemized medical care from a certified provider with a doctor’s letter stating it is a medical necessity. There is plenty of evidence on successful birth outcomes based on the presence of doulas, so this shouldn't be too far fetched. You still have to cover most costs, but through these programs you can save on pretax dollars which can help out a lot in the long run.

If none of these options work for you, consider setting up a gofundme for your midwife or doula services in lieu of having a baby shower. You’d be surprised at how many people would gladly send funds to help you and your family have a healthy and happy birth versus buying another bib or onesie.

Finally, don't underestimate trying to work out a payment plan with your doula or midwife. Most are willing to work with you as long as you're making payments, but make sure everyone has a clear understanding and expectations before going this route.

So if you are thinking of having children, make sure you understand some basics about the cost associated with the pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum care. Plan and anticipate as much as possible and do your research ahead of time. Below are a few cost-sharing programs that may work for you.

1. Chministries.org

2. Mychristiancare.org

3. Medishare.org

4. Samaritanministries.org

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