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It's Spring Baby!

As we get ready to go into the Spring season, which equates to Spring Break, I thought I'd share some quick reminders on traveling with kiddos this season based on personal experience and conversations with friends.

Reminder #1 - Plan Your Trip Based on YOUR Family, Not on the Fantasy Family in Your Head

If you know your kids really don't want to explore and would much rather stay in the pool all day, go to a resort or hotel where they can do just that. Why stress and fight about vacation activities when the point is just to have fun. On the other hand, if you're kids are really into adventures or are interested in a certain subject, let them take the lead on the research. Have them report their findings back to you and then make a final decision. This allows them to feel empowered and take ownership and also allows you to relax a little.

Reminder #2 - Pack Light

I promise you don't need half as much as you think you do. Trust me. Plus unless you're going to a remote island or cabin in the woods, they'll have stores where you are going. Make a checklist of what each child will really need and start setting things aside in advance. Then go back through and edit out those items that you don't use at home. If they aren't staples in your home, do you really need it on vacation? Probably not.

Reminder #3 - Bring a Boat Load of Snacks

You never know what circumstances you're going to run into while traveling and when you or your family start getting "hangry", you'll be glad you had some goodies in your bag. They are also great if one day you want to skip breakfast and sleep in on vacation. You'll have something to curb your appetite while waiting for lunch. Apples, oranges, trail mix, and popcorn are great options. They hold well and keep hunger at bay.

Reminder #4 - Have Fun

Don't worry if you didn't stick to your new year's resolution, put on your swimsuit and have a good time. Let your inner child come out and let your kids see who you are outside of being a caregiver. Talk, tell stories, laugh, dance, sing. They really do grow up fast so let your hair down and make memories with them during this much needed spring break.

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