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Picnics & Popsicles

So I'm finally recovering from co-hosting the local black breastfeeding week finale event #PicnicsAndPopsicles, the vision of local black Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) and breastfeeding support group organizer #MochaMilkM. I was honored to support #BBFW19, but I say recover because that labor day heat was not for the weak. It took me all the way out. Yet, the event was a wonderful, relaxing, fellowship of families. Mothers were sharing stories, tips on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, motherhood and sisterhood. We exchanged hugs, laughs and social media accounts. We held each other's babies when an extra hand was needed. Some breastfed infants, others toddlers, and no one batted an eye. We spent the day, safe and comfortable, resting on blankets under the shade tree and it just felt good. Kids were playing with bubbles, climbing trees, feeding ducks, doing yoga, playing barbies, riding scooters, playing hopscotch and eating as many popsicles as they could sneak. It was very nostalgic. Dads were even there offering physical and emotional support because they know how important they are to successful breastfeeding journeys.

The mommy and me yoga led by #DelisaSimpsonYoga, was more zainy than zen thanks to the kiddos, but still felt soulful. Even the massages from licensed massage therapist #EssentialLuxury made you forget any and all worries for a few minutes.

I hope events like this one help to normalize breastfeeding in the black community. The stigmas and false narratives surrounding breastfeeding aren't true. We do breastfeed. We should breastfeed. So I hope to see you and your little crew at the next #PicnicsAndPopsicles!

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