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Slow and Steady Summer

The month of May was quite hectic. I had two trips, family events, recitals, graduations, weddings and everything in between. I remember spending memorial day weekend exhausted. Yet, I still heard the loud voice in my head saying, "you're not busy enough". That voice often rings loud because its a lie screaming over the truth. The truth is I was doing enough, too much really. I decided I was not going to spend this beautiful summer, like I spent the school year, "ripping and running", as my mom would say. I was going to be fully present and engaged, be available to the people I cared about and carve out time for rest and relaxation. I was determined to spend quality time with my daughter, catch up with family and friends and reconnect with myself. A little over a month in and I am so glad I was intentional about slowing down. It has been such a relief. I stopped setting my alarm for work and allowed my body to wake up to its natural rhythm. I'm a die hard morning person so this allowed me to actually sip my morning tea, in the beautiful cups I never get to use. I have been able to eat breakfast at the table with my daughter. I've visited parks in the middle of the week, toured museums and took spontaneous overnight trips to name a few. I invited friends over for mimosas because a life without them is just dull. I even made a selfie background just because it made me smile. I was also blessed to assist a mom in birthing her sixth child the way she desired. It was beautiful, emotional and surprisingly hilarious. Summer of 2018 has been perfect. There wasn't one distinct, extraordinary moment, but a change in perspective of each small moment has given what could've been a draining summer some much needed life.

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