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Well Hey There!

It's been a minute, more like months since I've posted anything on the doulasoul website or Facebook page. I had to take a longer than expected break. Recenter. Regroup. And Rest. That meant moments of stillness and silence. That meant clearing nonessentials off my plate. That meant saying no and not caring who it upset, cause boundaries are necessary to protect what we hold sacred and filter in everything else when and how and if we choose. Maybe you've been going non-stop preparing for the addition to your family. Maybe you're on a rollercoaster right now, trying...no raising your family, while juggling all your personal and professional goals and managing every lemon life is throwing at you. Take a moment to breathe. Longer if you can (let's be honest... you can). It will change everything. I will be back with more prenatal, labor/ delivery and post-partum information soon. I'll be sharing information on just being a mom as well. I hope you all have been well and that in this era of fear of Coronavirus, you stay well, safe and secure physically, emotionally and financially. Remember... you bring forth new life, so spread some love and light to those around you.

We'll talk soon!

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