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What Does Motherhood Mean To Me?

I just celebrated my 6th mother's day.  It was very simple, low key. I spent it loving on my daughter and my mother. My daughter even asked me to make HER a mother's day card and like a good mom I obliged.

My artistic drawing of 3 generations

Motherhood has been filled with lots of joy, happiness and laughter. However, it has also tested and tried me. I sit back and reflect over every tear, every triumph, every mistake and short coming and realize how much being a mom has changed me through the lessons I've learned. Motherhood is many things, but this year I'm grateful for its ability to keep me humble. I'm thankful that it brings me to stillness in the midst of its chaos. Being a mom has definitely molded me into a better woman. It alone doesn't define me and my purpose, but it has surely made me flourish. Being a mother is a journey dedicated to nourishing my child and in turn it has nourished me.  

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